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 Manufacturing at Ochakovo is based on two basic principles. The first is the production of natural products. "Natural", for Ochakovo, means a no artificial ingredients. Would we consider a carrot "natural" if it was grown using pesticides? Of course not! For this reason Ochakovo carefully tracks the "pedigree" of its ingredients. 

"Natural" means traditional manufacturing techniques. It is important not only to source natural ingredients, but also to preserve their purity during processing. Otherwise, even a tire might be considered a natural product, if it is made from natural rubber! 

So, the second basic principle of "Ochakovo" is making traditional drinka by traditional methods.

Undoubtedly, there are many examples of unusual products in Ochakovo, but beer and kvass are drinks with a distinguished history. Ochakovo сompany sees its misson as preserving traditional drinks and dispatching them to the broadest range of consumers. 

Ochakovo innovates selectively, introducing only those changes which help to achieve a higher quality product. For example, the company has introduced technology to ensure clean production and avail analysis of product quality at all stages of production.

Ochakovo does not use genetically modified products, high-density brewing or kvass of exclusively alcoholic fermentation.