In business since 1978

The makers of traditional Russian kvass and other natural beverages: beer, light ready-to-drink cocktails, juices, wines, lemonades, mineral water and hard liquor.

No. 1 Russian kvass producer and the only major kvass maker to rely on traditional kvass brewing technology.

We ship our products to 30+ countries, including the US, Canada, China, Germany, Greece, Spain, Vietnam, Japan, and others.

The company operates 10 plants, factories and farms, including breweries and soft-drink bottlers, a malting plant, a winery, and vineyards and farms.

Combined annual capacity of 285 million DAL. We produce beverages in 10 categories under more than 30 brands.

19,000 hectares (47,000 acres) of crop fields and vineyards. We grow our own malting grains and wine grapes. Secure access to high-grade ingredients gives our consumers consistent quality of beverages.

Key brands. We make Russia’s most popular Kvass Ochakovskiy, Kvasyenok, a kvass for the little ones, and village-style white Semeimyi Sekret (Family Secret) Kvass. Our beers include our flagship brands Ochakovo and Yachmenyi Kolos (Barley Spike), Khalzan light ale, Stolichnoye that continues the best of Soviet traditions, Zlatovice based on a Czech recipe, Ledokol (Icebreaker) stout, and others. We make premixed classic Gin-Tonic, clubbing favorite Mojito, and Ochakovskaya, a standard Russian vodka. We make wines out of 13 grape varieties from Cabernet to Viorika. We have just made a splash in a new business line: mixed juices and nectars: our premium Goodini, satisfyingly nutritious MachoGazpacho, and JuiceTeam designed for teens and young adults.

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If you’re interested in our products, please contact us at export@ochakovo.ru

Authorized distributors

North America
Krasny Oktyabr
Gregory Kachura
+1 718 858 67 20

Jakob Beifuss
+49 163 58 44 310

Minh Le
+84 313 92 08 88
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